About Secret Simba!

Music styles: House, uplifting Grooves, Tech-house, Latin House, Funky Techno.

Regio Rotterdam - Netherlands

After six years of planned absence, she's back to play the wellknown, energetic, groovin' tunes of Secret Simba.

Stopping playing her vinyl at the clubs in 2007 after almost ten wild, bussy years with gigs all over the world, playing every weekend, she decided to focus on het design work.
But as a real musician she finds out that she can't miss being busy with playing music. In 2013 she decided to obtain two cdj's beside her good old Technics SL1210, to play now and than for fun and to combine the best things in the world after real love and friendship: playing music and designing artwork.

Playing primarily uptempo techno varied with very firm club and techtrance in earlier years (she even played UK hardhouse and hardstyle mixed with techno), Secret Simba plays nowadays primarily house, grooves and techhouse.

Some history

The progression from little Simba to DJ/Producer Secret Simba proved to be an instant success with her first demo reaching the ears of the producers for Radio 3 FM in the year 1999 (Holland's national radio station) and assured her of an appearance on the show "Isabelle - Mix In The Weekend".

This proved a focal point in her fledgling career as a Dance DJ, as the exposure led to her being heralded by the leading Dutch dance magazine "Basic Groove" as the "most talented up-and-coming DJ of the year 2000".

The party invites followed, with DJ Secret Simba playing at ID-T's Mysteryland, where more than a thousand people went mad on the Redbull stage, Respectfestival on mainstage with her hometowncollegue dj Tiƫsto, ID-T Radio, Fresh FM, Radio 538 and the Dutch National radio 3 FM, Fast Forward, Lakedance, Grooveland, Opium, Pinkterpar-T outdoor festival, Non-X-Posed; the list goes on and on.

However, Holland is a small country and soon DJ Secret Simba found her reputation growing and the offers to play started to come from further afield. Her first forays out of Holland saw her playing the decks in regular trips back-and-forth to both Norway and Finland, culminating in her heading up the Summerparade in Oslo. At present DJ Secret Simba plays all over Europe. Also Egypt, Dutch Antilles and even China are on the schedule.

Nowadays the dance music style that she nurtured and developed has integrated such styles as House, Funk and tribal Techno and are always combined in energetic sets. Secret Simba definately knows how to make a crowd go wild!

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web: www.secretsimba.nl
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Facebook: facebook.com/djsecretsimba

KvK nummer 2096197
BTW nummer 13949398B01

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